On the farm

Kühe auf der Weide
Cows in the meadow

Our farm

Our Astlehen farm is located in the Forstau Winkl exactly where the road no longer rises. When you have reached the highest point, you can already see the dung heap on the right side of the road, followed by the stable and farmhouse. Despite the flat road, our fields are pretty tough. In rainy summers we fear that the tractor will slide over the steep meadows. So sometimes we better use rakes and pitchforks. For our animals, this commitment means that they can count on their fixed hay meal twice a day in winter.

Frisch gemäht – Astlehenhof
Freshly mowed field on the Astlehen farm
Hennen und Traktor im Einsatz
Hens and tractor in action
Der Bauernhof im Winter
Our farm in winterdays
Kalb beim Trinken
Kalb drinks milk from his mother
Kälber auf der Weide
Calfs on pasture

Our fields are surrounded by cow pastures and coniferous forests. Chanterelles, porcini mushrooms and lots of other sponges grow there, but we don’t trust them and prefer to leave them where they are. There are deer, foxes and all kinds of rodents which we are very pleased to see as long as our chickens, supplies and trees are not touched. Every summer, Adam fights relentlessly against the mouse invaders in his beloved pond hut on the edge of the forest.

Fischteich am Astlehenhof
Fish pond at Astlehen
Blick vom Balkon in Richtung Winkl
View towards Forstau Winkl

Mother Barbara has her own enemies. Every mild summer evening, she sneaks through the garden with a flashlight to fight the slugs. She lives for her beautiful farm garden and invests an infinite amount of work, time and love in gardening. Salad, carrots, potatoes, peas, beans and everything that suddenly thrives here due to the terrifying climate change are growing.

Ask Christian, Barbara or Adam if you feel like exploring the farm.

Beim Schaukeln
Swing and look cheeky!
Frisch gelegte Eier
Freshly laid eggs
Bub beim Sandspielen
Playing sand
Bub beim Rodeln
brave tobogganing
Schneebedeckter Garten und Wiesen am Astlehenhof
Snow-covered garden and meadows at the Astlehenhof
Frisch beschneiter Bauernhof
Farm in winter
Herbst am Astlehenhof
Astlehen farm in autumn

The animals


We have six “Pinzgau” cows and some young cattle. In winter they are mostly in the barn, but are allowed to go outside every day to stand around in the snow and realize that it is actually more comfortable inside. They are fed twice a day, the barn is mucked out, strewn again and the cows are milked. In summer, most cattle are on the mountain pasture, usually in the area of the “Oberhütte“. Every week they are searched to see if they are doing well and to bring them salt.

Zwerghennenmutter mit Küken
Dwarf hen with chicks
Junge Hasen mit Hasenmutter
Young rabbits with mother
Cows sunbathing in winter
Baby goat

Our chicken herd provides us with eggs that local egg connoisseurs also like to buy on site. There are cats and rabbits to pet, play and feed. Goats to annoy and to be annoyed and a few smaller chickens with a rooster that once lost its voice out of fear of the hawk.

Ask Barbara if your children would like to help with the stable work.

Beim Eierholen
Fetching eggs

Activities around the yard

Ask us about it (with arms and legs, our English is unfortunately very bad)

  • Grilling by the pond
  • Explore the area
  • Children can help with the stable work
  • Feed and pet animals in the petting zoo
  • Swing, play in the sandpit, slide
  • Tobogganing, bobsleighing, playing in the snow